Spread is a feminist zine for music, sex and DIY culture in Ireland. With Spread we aim to create an interactive space for readers and to have critical conversations around these topics and we certainly welcome submissions. The topics of these conversations can be marginalised, popularised, or mainstream – it is how these topics are addressed and framed by the author that matters to us. We accept written and visual work from artists locally and internationally.

Spread launched in December 2019 at the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland Art Exhibition and 25 copies were printed. After postponing issue two until June 2020 (for obvious reasons), issue two was released in digital form and you can download it from www.lazerguidedreporter.com/spread-zine.

Issue two is free to download, but we encourage donations to our GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/spread-issue-2-half-of-funds-to-jaja-studios

You can get in touch with the Spread team at lgrsounds@gmail.com

Facebook: @SpreadIreland

Instagram: @Spreadzine

Twitter: @SpreadIreland


The Spread Team

Yvonne Kiely looks after the written work at Spread. She is a music journalist and band manager living in Dublin, and she has presented her research into gender representation in the music magazine industry at conferences in Ireland and abroad. 

Mairead Mullan handles the design and visuals at Spread. Her work revolves around the figure of the feminine Other and the mythos of the Self. 

“Our hope with Spread is that it will encourage people to get involved in the conversations that the zine puts out there and to create new conversations. Making art and publishing work is difficult in a society that devalues creative endeavours. The commercial aspect of media and publishing is something that I think about a lot. It inspired the creation of Spread”

Yvonne Kiely, Features Editor 

Art is hard. Writing is hard. Getting your stuff out there can be even more difficult. Hence, the creation of Spread, a platform for anyone and everyone to do just that and have it seen. Spread is a project borne of passion and intent, that of joining the do-it-yourself movement of zines, while creating a space to nurture and promote artists, writers, poets and anyone else who wants to join.

Mairead Mullan, Design Editor

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Spread is a zine for music, sex and DIY culture in Ireland and in this newsletter we share news and what goes on behind the scenes


Spread (Zine)

Spread is Ireland's zine for music, sex, and DIY culture. We publish written and visual work from artists in Ireland and abroad and accept submissions every 4 months.