Spread: Issue #2 open call and DATA theme

Send us your stuff & tell us what you think (honestly, we can cope with the 5* reviews)

As the first to join the Spread family we want to say a big THANK YOU for taking the plunge. So, what exactly have you signed up to?

We are a zine / two people jumping into amateur publishing (with heaps of skillz and very small budgets)

Spread is a new Dublin-based zine for music, sex, and DIY culture in Ireland, published by Lazer Guided Reporter. We are a two person team: Yvonne Kiely (music journalist) and Mairead Mullan (visual artist), each bringing different experiences and perspectives to the project, with the aim of creating a welcoming space for conversations that address these three core topics. It is how these topics are addressed and framed by the creator and author that matters to us. We understand that there is a form that conversations generally take on newsstands, and we want to give diverging tones of voice a platform.

In this monthly newsletter we will share important information about Spread, such as submission dates, event dates, ways to get involved, and where to find us. In addition, we want to share some of the inner workings of Spread to give you a sense of how we create each issue, from blank pieces of paper to the final edit. The whole experience is incredibly hands on, and we would hope to encourage others to create and become part of the DIY publishing community.

Yvonne Kiely contact: lgrsounds@gmail.com / Twitter: @Beatsupine

Mairead Mullan contact: marsxmullan@gmail.com / Instagram: @marsxmullan

Facebook: @SpreadIreland

Instagram: @SpreadZine

Website: www.lazerguidedreporter.com

Issue #2: Interpretations around the theme of ‘DATA’

Spread is officialy open for submissions and welcomes written and visual works for inclusion in their second issue. This is the first time that Spread will be open to contributions from the public.

The theme for issue two is ‘Data’, and submissions can address this topic through a variety of forms, including mixed media, photography, illustration, graphic design, prose, poetry, reviews, fiction, non-fiction, criticism, interviews, and essays. We particularly welcome work which provides an interactive experience for readers. Submissions do not need to be focussed on Ireland but should fall under one of the three core topics (music / sex / DIY culture).

The deadline for submissions is 11pm, Friday February 14.

Written submissions should be previously unpublished, and all long form pieces should be no more than 1,500 words, size 12 font, in word doc format.

Visual submissions should be sent in CMYK, resolution 300dpi, max size 16x12cm.

Spread is published independently by Lazer Guided Reporter. (www.lazerguidedreporter.com)

Spread has a number of ad spaces available. A limited number of free spaces are available for volunteer groups, charities, and not for profit organisations.

To enquire about ad space contact lgrsounds@gmail.com

Written submissions to: lgrsounds@gmail.com

Visual submissions to: marsxmullan@gmail.com

Spread is independently published and at this stage is not in a position to pay contributors. We aim to work towards a model that rewards contributors for their work.

Poster design: Mairead Mullan / Instagram: @marsxmullan

Feel free to share this poster with your friends.

An opportunity for feedback - woo!

We would love to know how you felt about issue #1. You can submit your honest and anonymous feedback through our survey here (it will take max 3 minutes to complete)

Buy zines from the website

We have a few copies of issue #1 available to order online, as well as an incredible zine created by Sex Workers Alliance Ireland. Have a look: www.lazerguidedreporter.com/shop

We have a DIY directory in every issue

In each issue of Spread we publish a DIY Directory of names and contact details for DIY groups in Ireland. Anything from publishing, events, music, repair, art, gardening, community groups, shops, to zines and radio. If you think we’ve missed something or want to be included, send us an email: lgrsounds@gmail.com

Final words

We look forward to publishing issue #2 later in the Spring. Until then, remember that you can get involved by creating and submitting work, sharing our stuff online, and spreading the good word about Spread (waheey). As always, continue supporting your local DIY scene <3