Spread Issue #2: living with all this and a loaf of bread.

This is a real newsletter from Spread. We promise to explain the bit about the loaf of bread.

A new layout, art, poetry, Nude-y data leaks, digital feminist power during a crisis, gender problems, and the scoop with Ireland’s most loved (possibly, I love them so you do too) band that didn’t-officially-break-up-but-are-not-playing-together-anymore-and-you-probably-didn’t-know-that-but-damn-their-last-album-was-unreal

This is a very accurate summary of the features coming your way in the next issue of Spread.

We received fantastic submissions from visual artists around the country, and stunning poetry, which we are honoured to publish. Considering that this whole project started on a bedroom floor, initially motivated by sheer frustration at capitalism and media greyness, and has attracted the work of artists and writers in its home country is pretty feckin cool.

And yes, issue two is coming. We won’t be on bookshelves like we intended or launching at an event, as we are now confined to quarters. But we think a digital launch could be an interesting model to play with, and it will mean that anyone in the world can purchase a copy. And discounts for subscribers to our newsletter (you).

Some stuff to read / listen to while you wait.

This interview by Laura Ewert on Tellereport (originally published in German on Zeit Campus Online) features a discussion with Anita (surname purposely omitted) about the dreadful acts which took place at Fusion Festival and Monis Rache last year, where women were secretly filmed in the showers and the footage was shared on porn websites. It’s an interesting discussion. While it’s good to hear raising awareness about sexual violence acknowledged as important, it reminds us of the unpreparedness of organisers and security teams when it comes to dealing with sexual assault at music events.

Brian Coney put together a great long read about how artists in Ireland are coping with the crisis. Read it on The Thin Air.

This doc series by BBC Radio 4 about the 1989 Fatwa is very good.

Interested in learning about audio and synths?

Women’s Audio Mission are hosting a series of free virtual classes which are aimed at people beginning their journey into audio production. The next one is on April 15, “Breaking into the audio industry”. Following that, on April 22 they will host a session on “Intro to synths”.

You can RSVP on their website.

Sorry Death Note fans.

Now, the loaf of bread thing.

I have housemates. Last week my housemate put a loaf of bread in the garden, which was already completely mouldy. It got mouldier. Days passed. Neither of us spoke about the loaf. It became a green furry block that looked like it might explode in a puff of smoke if I stepped on it. I started to find it funny in a shocked and horrified kind of way. Anyway, eventually it disappeared, probably into a bin bag. It reminded me that people can be very complacent about health and safety. And that we shouldn’t be alright with it.

Stay safe.

From Mairead and Yvonne.


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