Spread 005: The Yellow Pages preorders

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"On the run from Las Vegas police and a smooth talking blackjack dealer, The Prodigal Sun graces our cover for one last throw of the dice before her inevitable, spectacular face-off with fate".

Spread 005: The Yellow Pages inspired writers and artists to delve into their childhood memory boxes, artistic and poetic vision, and X-rated wisdom. Alongside illustration, essay and mixed media from contributors, Spread editors weave their own interpretations. We're melting with joy over this issue and cannot wait to share it with you.

More details about who and what is inside, and how you can reserve your copy are on our Bandcamp here.

Cover and promo photography: Mairead Mullan.

Model: Yvonne Kiely.

Thank you all for your support over the past 20 months (insane to think that we’re nearly two years old!). There will be an extended break between this issue and the next, so please expect that this will be the last issue of Spread in 2021.

More info about contributors and our cover star, The Prodigal Sun, to come over the next two weeks.

From Yvonne and Mairead XoXoXo

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